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ShortOrange - The Cloud Podcast Player

We have recreated the whole site and added a bunch of new functionality. Look forward to some great new features soon!

We will temporarily not be syncing data between the website and the mobile clients as we work to update the apps.

Listen to podcast anywhere

Listen Anywhere

ShortOrange is a browser-based podcast player. This means you can listen to your favorite podcasts on any computer and resume playback from where you left off. Log-in to ShortOrange at home, at work, or at a friends' and have access to all your favorite podcasts.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

ShortOrange is currently available for all modern web platforms (Windows and OS X). Further, apps for both Android and iOS are currently in development to enable the ability to pause playback on your computer and resume at the same position on your mobile device with no user input required.

Participate in discussion


ShortOrange encourages all users to email us with any suggestions, feedback, or feature requests. ShortOrange is working to create the best podcast listening experience possible.

Is ShortOrange free?
Yes, ShortOrange is completely free.
ShortOrange currently has over 10,000 podcasts in its database, which most likley includes your favorite podcasts. If a podcast is not available, you can add it to our database by using the 'Add Feed' capability in the player.
Absolutely!! If there are any features you desire, feel free to email us at shortorangeteam@gmail.com.


Co-Founder, Business Operations

Josh Ketellapper


Co-Founder, Developer

Tyler Whitman